Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dealing With A Whole Host Of Problems

Since the world becomes more competitive, there's increased congestion within the freight network in North America. The general trends are changing the investments that were made within the transport industry previously have started to show their age.
It costs money to ship goods and that price is climbing very quickly Increasing price of energy is one issue however problems within the transportation system can also be to blame. Shipping companies are concerned that the current national infrastructure which are barely capable of handling today's freight will be sorely inadequate later on. These problems not merely effect trucking but in addition railway, air and also boat transport methods.
The North American highway makes up a sizable chunk of the freight which is shipped. The highways used by truck drivers have reached or exceeded their designed limitations in several areas. Traveling during peak times has established unsafe conditions for most major metropolitan areas. In fact, rear end crashes caused by stopped traffic have become the best growing kind of accident.
This highway structure is the backbone of the shipping sector and bears almost 80 % of the overall tonnage transported each year. High quantities of traffic are impacting the industry by producing delays in deliveries. A lot of traffic jams are caused by an absence of capacity within the freeways but many delays will also be a direct result road work and vehicle accidents. Even though some highways can handle current traffic amounts interchanges are not up to the job and need to be upgraded.
On account of advancements in the usage of computer systems inside the industry just-in-time shipping started to be feasible. Adding mobile communication systems along with other hi-tech solutions allowed for much more reliable and also faster deliveries. Shipments are more and more difficult to rely on as urban areas expand and traffic gets to be unpredictable.
The future doesn't look that good unless of course significant investments are made to advance things. The system of highways is not just suffering from the increasing issue of traffic jams. Infrastructure improvements will also be very badly needed but finding the funds required can be quite a challenge. Gasoline is actively playing a sizable role within the ever climbing cost of construction. The building and repair of freeways is incredibly energy intensive. Diesel fuel is now expensive recently making construction tasks more costly as well that's restricting the level of initiatives a government can commit to. This as resulted in a seventy-percent increase in the price tag on main construction projects really short time.
The problematic motorways are impacting not simply trucking but the additional types of shipping at the same time. The normal link between the additional modes of transportation is trucking. The longer term is just not hopeless so long as the steps needed are undertaken as well as the investments are made to enhance the transport commercial infrastructure.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Grooming Oneself For A Management Consulting Job

Management consulting career is popular among recent graduates and experienced candidates because it offers intellectual challenges, a great sense of fulfillment and an attractive compensation and benefit package. Because it's highly sought after, thousands of applicants submit their job application to top-tier firms each year. The competition for a single position has become tough; the reason why you must prepare hard for the recruitment process if you wish to land a job in this industry.
Begin your preparation by being aware of what you getting into. Before the recruiters gauge you for the vacancy, reflect first on how fit you are for it. Read the job advertisement and evaluate if you acquire the competencies to deliver the expected deliverables. Are you capable of analyzing and problem-solving activities? Can you communicate your ideas logically and get along with anyone well? Is going through quantitative data an effortless move on your part? Are you interested in learning about business operations conscientiously? These are just three of the questions you need to answer truthfully.
If you believe you have the right credentials, then it's time to proceed with the next step - research about your target firm. The knowledge you gain from reading their website, from following their social media profiles and from communicating with those who are connected with the firm will guide you in the entire recruitment process - from preparation of your job application to acing case interviews. At times, because many applicants skip this aspect, they couldn't get through with the selection procedure successfully. They fail to build a connection between their qualifications and the firm's goals.
The next step is writing an excellent cover letter and resume. Excellent is the term used because it must be superior enough to pique the interest of the recuiters. Craft your marketing tools in a manner that will make the firm realize that you will be of great contribution to the company. This is possible as long as you keep in mind your research results. Further, make sure that you state only relevant information. This includes your achievements, work experience, education and other significant awards. Writing too many unnecessary details only puts your application aside.
You also need to prepare for the written tests. Though some management consulting firms skip this aspect, some also believe that it's an effective way of weeding out applicants. Two of the most common pre-employment tests measure your verbal and numerical skills. The former determines your comprehension on text passages while the latter usually assesses how well you interpret charts and graphs. Some firms also request candidates to take a personality test to see if their personality or values match the non-technical aspects of the job or the corporate culture.
Candidates who get a good mark in pre-employment tests are often contacted for interview. In management consulting, there are two kinds of interview: fit and case. The goal of the fit interview is to determine if you attain the values required for the job. Questions focus on your commitment, previous experience and education. The questions are mostly behavioral in nature; recruiters will often ask you to describe a situation in the past where you exhibited either brilliance or weakness. It can be about your greatest achievement at school, about how you handled a difficult colleague or the weakness you're trying to improve.
On the other hand, the case interview concentrates on your technical skills. Recruiters give you a vague business scenario, and you are expected to come up with acceptable recommendations within 20 to 30 minutes. To do well in this part, it is highly recommended that you master consulting frameworks. These are structures that illustrate how to analyze and resolve the problem on a step-by-step basis. In the actual interview, things can be very overwhelming, so it would help to come in with a guide in mind.
On top of these suggestions, keep meeting key people in the industry by joining networking events and activities. These connections may bring in some information and job referrals. Remember that most vacancies are circulated through the word of mouth. Who knows the firm representative with whom you had an engaging conversation at a career fair will refer you to a recruiter or hiring manager?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

How To Get More Referrals For Your Commerce Business

Every single day a new eCommerce business springs up on the web. Some are created on E-Shop websites like Etsy or eBay, and some of them are placed on their own websites or blogs. However, gaining referrals on digital formats can be a bit more difficult than gaining them in onsite business. Lacking the option to initiate face-to-face conversations can detract from the trust consumers' gain by shaking hands, having eye-to-eye introductions, and becoming familiar with their salesperson's face.
Helpful Ways to Get More Referrals Online
Build a website
Even if you have a storefront on an eCommerce site. Build your own website that either leads to your online storefront, or offers the same products or services. Not only will this help to get your customers away from an eStore front that likely charges you per purchase, but it gives just one more link on the net for those looking for your business to find.
Tell People on Instant or Private Messages
If you use an instant messenger or a social network, take the time to share your business with all of those on your friends or fan lists. If you have a friend referral network, let them know that they will benefit directly from referring others. This can really help drive traffic and more business to your store.
Advertise on Other Websites
If you see a website that is not in direct competition but a complimentary one to yours, ask them for reciprocal linking, or even if they would mind putting a banner for your business on their site. This can generate a lot of traffic views and is much like a referral you may get from any business offline. Valuable.
Print Business Cards
Although this isn't an online method of how to get referrals for your eCommerce business. There are still so many opportunities you will run across when out-and-about and away from your computer. Laundry mats, grocery stores, schools and more locations have cork boards for local businesses to post their business cards. Be sure to bring long tacks and post a few cards.
Buy a Domain
Make sure to buy any affordable domains with the same keywords of your business name. Have them redirect to your main site. If your business name is Edna's Cookies. Buy a few domains named, Cookies by Edna, Edna Makes Cookies and more. Not only does this create extra links for your business, but it may also lead many to you who couldn't quite remember the name of your store.
Network Around
Take the time to network your shop around. Head to blogs that are in direct relation to your industry, but not competitive. Leave blog comments, post on relevant forums, submit your storefront to website directories and take advantage of anywhere that encourages you to network your business.
Although these methods are unlikely to produce instant results, you will begin to notice the traffic flow in once the web crawlers have made their rounds and noticed all of the helpful links now leading back to your eCommerce storefront. These are many positive and organic ways to get more referrals.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

5 Fabulous Products To Help Your Female Friends Feel And Look Younger

Women have always been conscious about their skin. Though it may be of less importance to you now, when you hit a certain age, you would try every means to make your skin look younger, softer and smoother. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, why don't you learn about the top presents for your best female friends?
Skincare products are one of the best gifts you can ever give nowadays. There are definitely lots of beauty and skincare products available on the market today. All promises impressive effects but not all of them are capable of living up to their promise. Make sure to choose products which have the ultimate capacity to help in combating the effects of ageing and promoting a healthier, dewy, plump and youthful skin.
Hand to Hand Combat Cream
A hand to hand combat cream makes an excellent choice for a Christmas present. It features a unique formula which helps in protecting the hands against elements which can negatively affect the skin quality. It contains a perfect combination of essential fatty oils, argan oils and Vitamin E which are known for their impressive effects on the skin. This amazing hand cream is also capable of keeping the cuticles under control and soft.
Glory Days Day Cream
Unlike other creams available on the market today, Glory Days Day Cream doesn't just counteract dull and dry skin, it also creates a moisture barrier which rejuvenates the skin and makes it smoother and fuller. It is fortified with a perfect blend of borage oil, white flower oil and glucose which help in regenerating and re-energizing the skin leaving it dewy, tight and plump. It instantly makes the skin look brighter and younger.
Smart Balm Eye Care
Worried about the signs of ageing forming around the eyes? Try the Smart Balm Eye Care. This special eye care product is specially designed to get rid of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. It actually helps in transforming the skin around the eyes and makes it moist and plump. The product is composed of a high-tech blend of glucose, peptides and borage oil which re-energize the cells and stimulate cell regeneration. It also contains botanicals, yeast extracts and omega 3 fatty acids which help in leaving the skin tight and toned. Its licorice content makes the eyes look refreshed and rested.
Flashback Night Cream
Made from a perfect blend of phytoplids, botanicals and healing oils, Flashback Night Cream is one of the best skin products against the signs of ageing. It creates a barrier that traps and contains moisture inside which is absorbed by the skin. It also helps in moisturizing the skin, leaving it dewy and plump.
Trouble Shooter Neck, Jaw and Chest Firming
Get rid of sagging and jowls and replace it with a smoother and firmer skin through the Trouble Shooter Neck, Jaw and Chest Firming. This state of the art firming cream targets drooping jaw line and eliminates age spots. It contains a perfect blend of Vitamin C which helps in improving skin tone and quality as well as in getting rid of brown spots. The result? A moist and firmer skin that can never tell your age.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Payment Technology Solutions for 2012

There are different payment solutions for different businesses online and different security levels.
When selecting a provider online you should consider 10 different variables.
1. How often are you going to need to use this service?
2. Is the payment system mainly used for credit card merchant services?
3. Do you want to use the system for transferring money?
4. What level of security do you want to have on your payment solution?
5. Do you want to use the system for a specific technology, like selling gaming online?
6. How often are your transactions processed? Monthly, weekly, annually?
Different systems will have different fees depending on usage and volumes.
7. What countries do you want to have your payment solutions available?
8. What currencies do you want to be able to operate in?
9. How big is your payment solutions budget on a monthly or annual basis?
10. How many people are responsible for your payment solutions department?
Now we will review 3 different types companies in this industry you may be interested in briefly and the differences between them.
BOXPAY is a solution for mobile technology and gamers. They give E-Business payment solutions technology for their digital wares. This is done through the use of your phone instead of a credit card. Using SMS and Direct Carrier billing. It is available in 35 countries and four continents. For more information on the company take a look at the link above.
00PAY is a solution for offshore payment solutions. On this site you can accept payments for a variety of credit cards to sell products/services for your business. It is available in 27 different currencies for Merchant Accounts and has a low service fee. There are many benefits to this service and it has an easy application process. For more information see the link above.
Of course one of the most trusted and used sites is that has been around for several years. You can use paypal to send money, buy and sell services and send payments by email. There are over 269M people that use paypal. You can also use your I Phone, Android or Blackberry to have payment technology systems on your phone. Using secure payment technology you can sign up, choose your bank for security and shop online. For more information on paypal see link below.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Choosing The Best Cash

Everyone goes through a time in their life where they want to clean out the closet. Get rid of old clothes and old jewelry. When it comes to that time to clean the jewelry box, it crosses my mind that I have all of this old gold jewelry that I do not need nor wear anymore. I always hear about companies that will let you sell gold for cash online. When I decided to go ahead and sell my gold jewelry, there were a few things I needed to consider.
First, I was told most companies are just the middlemen. They only pay a very small amount for my gold, and then they turn around and sell it to the jewelers. I need to find a company that is not a middle man. Who will pay me top dollar for what my gold is worth? That would be the company that will let me sell gold for quick cash online easily and quickly. After I have found the company that is not the middle man, I would much rather move on to the next step.
Next thing to do would be to figure out how they are different from other companies. Therefore, figuring out why I should sell gold for cash online with this company. It seems like they pay a very fair price. They look at the overall cost of the items, not just the gold themselves. They can pay 3 to 5 times more than the other leading sell gold for quick cash online companies.
The other factor one should consider is how it works. When I decided to sell gold for cash online, I was not sure exactly what it was that I was getting myself into. I did not understand the process or exactly what it was that would happen if I decided to go through with everything. It was broken down for me. Pretty much, all I had to do was call their toll free number or fill out their online form. After that was completed, they would send me a gold kit in the mail. I would put all of my gold jewelry in it and send it back. When they received it, they would appraise it for me. Within 24 hours of them receiving my gold, I will have a check in my hands. For me, it could not have gotten any easier.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Luxury Limo Service for Your On-Call Needs

In some situations, a luxury limo service can provide for on-call needs. This indicates that the company can be at the ready to serve your needs with very short notice. Not all companies can do this. Some companies cannot offer the best in high-end care in this manner. If you are having guests from out of town in who need transportation or who deserve a limousine to pick them up and drop them off, this is a good option. Additionally, if you have a business partner, important client or an associate coming in for a few days, having these providers on hand can be very helpful.
Scheduling Pickups
Luxury limo service is a good idea in many instances. However, every situation is different. Before you make an investment in any company, the first thing you should do is to test the waters. Schedule a pickup for yourself and find out how responsive the company is. You may want to ask about how long it takes from the moment you call to the moment the driver is in the lot waiting for your guest. Depending on how specific your needs are, be sure to plan for this type of service by testing out the company prior to hiring them.
What Features to Look For
There are also numerous features to look for when hiring this type of professional compare. You likely need to know the driver is very familiar with the area and can offer opinions and options for the guest to choose from for meals and things to do. You also want to ensure he or she is trained to be a professional chauffeur. This means he or she is courteous, exacting in the care provided and formal.
Aside from the driver, you may want to know what the vehicle offers. Is it modern, new and in good condition? That is important for the impression it needs to give. In addition, you may want to know if it offers a newspaper or a complimentary drink in the back for the guest. What limitations are there on this type of care? Some companies cannot provide alcohol whereas others can. Some offer entertainment options in the back while others have limited options available. Learn what is available before you book the service.
When it comes to a luxury limo service, there are many things to think about and plan for especially if you have a very specific need. The more formal and professional that the level of care needs to be, the more important it is to find a provider who can offer the level of care you need. Do not settle for just any provider. Look for one that can do more than just the basics.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Mover Solves Problems

Hiring a mover to handle this transition for you is a great idea. This professional can help you to get into your new location quickly and without a lot of time investment for you. Even better, this individual can help you to make the process one that you do not dread as much. Before you try to do the job on your own believing that all you need are some friends and a truck, consider the advantages of calling in a pro. You may not realize just how cost saving and beneficial this can be to you.
Where's the Help?
Have you ever spent a great deal of time begging, pleading and even forking over money to get friends and family to help you to move? The process is not easy. It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of backbreaking work. The payoff isn't always that beneficial to the other guy even though you've promised beer and pizza afterwards. When you hire a mover, on the other hand, you don't have to worry about this any longer. Rather, you can find a company that will hire, background check and train the movers to do the job for you. You never have to beg them to come back in and help you so more before they leave either, like you would do with friends.
Where's the Truck?
Have you ever had to beg a friend to let you use his or her truck for such a move? The problem is, they need the transportation. Sure, they could use your car while you use the truck, but that also means you could damage it. Moving furniture and heavy pieces is not exactly light on the vehicle. That's no longer a problem when it comes to hiring professionals. They will bring along an appropriate truck to handle the process for you. There's no begging, paying for gas money or frustrating labor work involved.
Where's the Box?
Do you need boxes? Are you struggling to find the right types of wraps to keep your belongings safe? It is common to have to spend a small fortune to get the right items in so that you can pack up your home. The good news is that a professional will bring along or supply you with what you need. In some cases, they will even do the work for you so you never have to worry about it.
Do you need a mover? If you are struggling with these problems, chances are good you do need this professional service. Find out what your options are and how you can get started with a professional today.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Recruitment Process Management Consulting Aspirants Need To Undergo

Each management consulting firm follows its own recruiting process, but all of them have a common denominator - they hire the best candidate from the crowd. To do this, they employ a variety of tools to point out who can add additional strength to the organization. The process usually starts with the identification of manpower need and ends with the signing of employment contract. In between these points are the steps explained below.
Once the need for additional experts has been recognized, recruiters post advertisements on their website, social media accounts, newspaper and online job boards for dissemination. However, prestigious firms carry out an all-year round recruitment of candidates by conducting information sessions, sponsoring club activities, participating in career fairs and joining networking events. They even utilize their internship program in observing students who can adapt well to consulting responsibilities and work environment. These are considered a wise way of publicizing their services and at the same time spotting potential employees. Fortunately, most firms receive hundreds of cover letters and resumes per month as this industry is quite popular among recent graduates and experienced professionals.
Job application screening follows the step above. Due to lack of time, recruiters reject applications that are poorly written and structured. For a written marketing tool to catch attention, there are three things applicants must bear in mind. First, the application must be specifically tailored for this industry. It is different from the application to other companies because details on education, experience and other qualifications must be stated in a way relevant to the target firm. Second, skills, knowledge and abilities must be emphasized. This will make the document stand out in the crowd. Lastly, it must be free from typo errors, grammar mistakes and design nuisances.
Then, some firms administer tests to further weed out applicants who are not qualified for the job. The results tell the recruiters about the capability, skills and personality of the taker, the reason why it's considered an effective tool. The test may be a combination of numerical, verbal, abstract or personality questions. Those who are selected for testing may call the firm's Human Resources Department to ask some information about the test materials. Awareness can definitely help them be equipped for the challenge.
Hiring decisions can't be made based on mere test results, though. For this reason, recruiters in this industry conduct two types of interview. The first one is called fit interview, and it may be done either in person or through a telephone call. This is the time when the recruiters get to know the applicants - their education, experience, interests, achievements and other relevant details. They also make use of behavioral questions to dig information on how applicants behaved in their previous job or at school. They also pose situational questions, a good strategy in knowing an applicant's commitment, sociability, industriousness and reaction to stressful instances.
The other one is called case interview, something classic to management consulting. It begins with a presentation of a vague business case, and the inteviewee is asked to analyze it from various perspectives and to generate recommendations within 20 to 30 minutes. Most applicants spend their recruitment preparation in this aspect since it's the most mind-boggling part. It calls for mastery of business cases, consulting frameworks, operational techniques and facing the interviewer confidently. Further, it is also the ultimate test of the interviewee's analytical thinking, problem solving ability and communication skills. Applicants shortlisted for case interviews usually have to undergo this challenge one to three times on different days.
After the final interview comes the grueling waiting period. Applicants can only stretch their patience at this time since the hiring decision is something they have no control of. To maximize the time for waiting, they are encouraged to look for and work on other opportunities constantly. Since it's a fact that people do not always get their dream jobs, it is a wise move to have back up plans.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Management Consulting Personality Tests

For management consulting recruiters to predict a candidate's possible performance at work, they assess their competencies, experience and education during resume screening, background check and interviews. Apart from these, they also consider their personality as this is the factor that explains how a person manages stress, deals with people and takes pressure in the workplace.
The explanation above is the reason why some firms administer personality questionnaires to applicants. Unlike verbal or numerical reasoning assessment, this type doesn't have right or wrong answers for there is no right or wrong personality. Everyone is unique; each one possesses a unique set of patterns and characteristics that recruiters respect. However, it is undeniable that there are certain preferences, and these are usually based on the main responsibilities of the position. A shy MBA graduate who has mastered all the consulting frameworks may not be offered the job due to lack of sociability, a non-technical requirement of the position. Because of her introversion, it may be difficult for her to gather data from people and get along well with clients.
Management consultants can be described based on how they think, how they feel and how they behave. They are usually the analytical, meticulous type of people. They evaluate all angles of a situation logically to come up with effective resolutions. Commitment and motivation to finish tasks on time despite any hurdles are other traits they must possess. They must also acquite good organizational skills so they can manage their time efficiently. Their hands will be quite full, so they must have the ability to balance things out. All the time, consultants must manifest professionalism in the way they express their ideas and deal with other people.
The personality tests will try to measure if you have the aforementioned traits, and this is the reason why answering each question seriously is crucial. With your answers, you are helping yourself and the firm decide if you are truly capable of carrying out the job. When you try to answer the tests, just be who you are. It basically loses its purpose if you project another person. Anyway, if this job really suits you, your answers will speak for yourself. So like how you deal with other tests, just give it your best shot.
However, there are a few ways of improving your test scores. One of which is answering personality surveys beforehand and evaluating the results. This guides you in bringing out your strengths in a variety of situations. You have to be consistent in doing this despite the conditions presented in the question. In some items, the same situation is just stated in different ways for a reliable basis of interpretation.
A personality test will ask you to answer a long list of true or false, multiple choice or sentence completion questions. The length might tire you, and as a consequence, you might just answer them mindlessly, hastily or with a pattern. Worse, you might not finish it at all. This is obviously a worthless idea because the results might be inconsistent with the information you indicated in your job application. The conflicting data will not necessarily put you down, but it might confuse the recruiters, resulting to longer fit interviews.
As you go through the questionnaire, answer the items based on how you usually behave in the workplace. You may like to slack off at home, but you handle things industriously in the office. When you're with friends, you may wear your heart on your sleeve but when with colleagues, you always ensure you are professional in dealing or communicating with clients. This doesn't necessarily imply putting your best foot forward to impress the recruiter. It only means you are letting them evaluate as a potential employee, and not as a buddy.
Also, make sure you are in a good mood when you are taking the test. When you are grumpy, irritated, in a hurry or impatient in getting to the last item, the results might reflect your pessimism and disappointment. Relieve yourself from any worries, put aside any previous disagreements and concentrate on who you are. After all, a personality test is all about the real you. If your management consulting application is rejected because of a personality test, it will certainly make you frustrated. But on the other side of the coin, it might not be your best option. Perhaps there's something else better in store for you.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How To Ask For Business Referrals

It can be difficult to perfect a technique to use when you ask for referrals. Those with less social skills than average may find it doubly troublesome to take the initial steps needed to gain confidence in this vital business marketing effort.
It is important to build self-confidence before you ask for referrals. You will need to come off as respectable, reputable and professional. There are a few very basic tips to keep in mind that should help you build upon your confidence as you go.
Dress Sharp
Make sure you are comfortable and stylish in your appearance. If you lack a sense of style, get a friend to help you redo your wardrobe so that every piece you own makes you feel good to wear. The permanent shift in your wardrobe will also help to build longer term confidence.
Body Language
Make sure you keep a good posture, maintain eye contact, and nod or give other communication clues to let the speaking party know you are listening. Blindly smiling is not an option. If your prospective customer mentions serious issues, make sure your face reflects the seriousness as well.
Show Appreciation
Always show appreciation. Do not just launch 'Thank You's' at a person. Change up. "I really appreciate that", or "How kind of you to say." Let the consumer know you are in tune with their conversation and that you really do appreciate and consider their care and concerns.
Asking For Referrals
Once you have secured a bit of confidence for yourself you can begin to work your desire for referrals into the flow of the conversation. Some of the ways to ask for referrals can be:
1.) When at all possible, it is best to ask for referrals in face-to-face conversation. Not only is this more respectful, but it eliminates the chance for awkwardly feeling like the communication is under duress. Although some of us may feel uncomfortable asking for things, it doesn't mean that people are put off by the request. Seeing someone face-to-face can eliminate the anxiety of wondering.
2.) Do not ask for referrals when presenting a bill when at all possible. This is, in general, in bad taste as well as a bad time to ask for anything from your customers.
3.) Keep a script in mind for replies to general communications between you and your customers. When a customer lets you know they are happy with your product or service, take that time to share your scripted reply. "I am pleased you are delighted with our product, do you know of anyone else who may enjoy it as you have?" Of course the less scripted sounding the reply sounds is best. Once you have gotten used to the 'buzz' words that trigger your own replies, you will gain notable confidence to allow it to sound less like a script and more like genuine business relationship communications.
Once your self-confidence begins to combine with repetitive task that you will engage in when you ask for referrals, it will seem like second nature instead of forced conversation.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 Tips To Do It Correctly

The Toyota model of management has been proven to be so successful that manufacturing companies all over the world have adopted it with similar results. The Gemba walk is a management technique that has been found to be especially effective since it brings management in direct contact with the shop floor, thereby providing many opportunities for improvement.
The Gemba walk is unfortunately misunderstood very often. Most people think of it as just another name for 'Management By Walking Around'. Management does have to walk around a lot here, but in a structured manner that brings out the best results. Merely walking on the shop floor will not be effective for anything more than building rapport with employees. In fact, management might actually disrupt work flow by wandering around the shop floor.
If you are planning to use Gemba then you need to make sure that you also do the following:
1. Organize workers into groups or working teams, each of which has its own leader. This will ensure that there is a certain level of accountability for quality processes.
2. Go with a proper checklist so that you know what to look for. Look for the condition of equipment in use. Check whether workers are sticking to certain pre-set standards. Enquire whether the work status is as per schedule.
3. Look for areas where safety is compromised so that they can be rectified immediately. Ideally, the shop floor should be well maintained so that accidents are prevented.
4. Compare results of each Gemba walk with those of the previous ones. You should always look for continuous improvement. Any areas that do not show progress should be addressed immediately.
5. Encourage workers to understand the cause of a problem and to arrive at a solution based upon that. The main thing to be stressed here is that the right solution will be found only if the correct process is followed. It is not advisable for you to provide the solutions directly.
Your company will benefit greatly from this management technique as long as you do it exactly right and don't waste your employees' time with questions that are not relevant to the job. Productivity will increase and wastage will come down. There will also be a dramatic improvement in employee morale as a result of increased safety. If you are not sure about how to adopt this management technique then it's a good idea to get the necessary training.